Mining Books


Mining our planet for resources as if these are inexhaustible and as if the effects of the mining are disconnected from the global environment is a growing concern. In many countries, the working and living conditions of miners and their families as well as of those that live on those territories remain poor and the economic gap between the owners and the workers continues to expand.

I have carved a series of open pit mines and coal mines from around the world into English, French, and Spanish Pharmaceutical Compendiums. The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) is the most widely used source of drug information in Canada and is heavily financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Used by physicians, pharmacists, and other health care personnel, it has had no shortage of critics. It is available essentially free to most health care professionals in institutions. It contains little or no information on relative indications, efficacy, or price. These characteristics serve to promote the marketing goals of the drug manufacturers.

5 Compendiums of Pharmaceutical Specialties–The Canadian Drug Reference for Health Professionals (CPS)

Argyle mine-Australia

Castle Mountain mine -United States

Illegal open pit mine- Congo (2 CPS thick)

Timmins mine- Canada

Udachnaya mine-Russia